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DOMO house Waseda

*Room #403,#410 are good for sharing with couple!*

These rooms are bigger, and have a bigger bed. It's perfect to share a room with your partner!

DOMO house Waseda
Type:Share room(2ppl) or Single room
Price:35,000yen/person ~


Room#Price max
#401 ¥74,0002ppl
#402 ¥69,0002ppl
#403 ¥72,000 2ppl
#405 ¥66,000 single
#406 ¥63,000 single
#407 ¥62,000 single
#408 ¥64,000 single
#410 ¥70,000 2ppl

This is the price if you use a room by one person. If you stay with 2 people, the rent will be 6000yen plus.

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*As different from other share house...

You can invite your friends in your room!

If your friend stays over 3 nights, pay 300yen as water/gas/elec fee.

Utility fee is just the amount you used!

around 4000yen~, other share house usually takes about 10000yen even you don't use electricity so much.

Shower room, washing machine, wifi internet are for free!

Other house informations

If you want to know informations about guesthouses or share houses, see thease web sites!

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